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Archive: February 2007

I love Gmail, but I find it rather annoying that they feel you never need to delete an email. It took them about 2 years to add the delete button. I don’t know why they didn’t add a shortcut key with it. Certainly, they must have had thousands of requests for it already.Well, I’m happy […]

Before anything else, let me give you a little background as to how I first learned about this book and why I read it. I have a brother in law that recommended the book a few years ago. He had two copies, one was autographed by the other, the other, was well read, which is […]

Have you ever wanted an easy way to keep track of all your DVDs? Sure you can use a text editor or spreadsheet, but there are better ways. I remember quite a few years back visiting a family and they asked what movie we wanted to watch and gave us a list of all the […]

I’ve been a DIRECTV customer for a year and a half now. Overall I am happy, but everyone once in a while I remember what I miss about my old Dish Network account. First of all there was the DVR. I think with time all DVR systems continue to improve, but what I miss most […]

Today, Google Video recommended that I watch this video. See the screenshot for proof. Now, I recommend you watch it too! 😀 I actually didn’t get to watch the game this year because of the whole Mountain West – Comcrap Monopoly. So I’d like to thank the guy that put this video together for those […]

I first noticed this book while I was browsing around Barnes & Noble. I wanted to get it, but I opted to check it out at the library instead. I blew threw this book. It is such an easy read and it held my interest the whole way through. Now, I consider myself different for […]

I looked all over the net for some sort of function and what I ended up with seemed rather simple function to crop an bitmap. Here is the function in C# public Bitmap CropBitmap(Bitmap bitmap, int cropX, int cropY, int cropWidth, int cropHeight) { Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(cropX, cropY, cropWidth, cropHeight); Bitmap cropped = […]

There are so may great features that make an iPod so much better to job with than say a portable DVD player, or the old reliable Sony Walkman. First of all you can hold infinitely more songs. DVD players had the advantage over cassette players allowing you to skip songs, but had the drawback of […]

I was recently asked how many domain names I owned. I actually had to go count them all. The results were sort of scary! Well, here is the count: 12 at GoDaddy 29 at Hostway 24 at 1&1 — Total — 65 Definitely too many. I guess I can’t say I completely own. There are […]