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Archive: January 2007

I’m really liking Paint.net. I certainly can’t afford Photoshop and so I resorted to using free alternatives such as GIMP and Paint.net. There has been a slight learning curve though as I’ve had to get used to these free tools. One thing I found missing that I would often use in Photoshop is the trim […]

I’ve never had a “payday loan.” Therefore, I’m not an expert in how they work. But being an avid Dave Ramsey fan, I feel they are the biggest rip-offs on the planet. Do you ever see wealthy people getting Payday Cash Advance Loans? Oh, but they don’t need them, they are wealthy! Well how do […]

I was at the Library the other day to pick up a book I had on hold. I always like to walk by the DVD section to see if there is anything good available. Hey, its a free DVD rental! Well I saw Raising Helen and figured my wife would like to watch it. She […]

If you’ve ever tried to find some good windows icons for your applications you may have experiences frustrations sorting through all the junk on the internet. Did you know that if you have Visual Studio .NET installed, you likely have all the common icons that you need? Take a look in your file system for […]

I finally finished reading Getting Things Done. Well, to be honest I can’t say I finished “reading” it. I read about 2/3 of the book then listened to the rest of it on an audio book 😀 I would give the book 4 out of 5 stars. It seems to be written mainly for business […]

I’ve been highly entertained by Connor’s parking woes. It brings back semi-sweet memories of my time at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). Throughout my long career at SLCC I tried to get away with buying a parking pass as much as possible. My first two years I succeeded without getting a ticket. I think this […]

I’m trying to collect lots and lots of old wooden bats to decorate my sons room. This is just a shout out to please let me know if you have any old wooden bats sitting in your garage that you are willing to donate. I can pay for shipping them. Thank you much! This is […]

Have you ever been out to lunch and saw the little canister full of business cards where they draw out a card and give the customer a free lunch? Have you ever run across and old friend and tried to exchange contact information in a busy location – or with your kids pulling on your […]

It’s been crunch time lately here at work. We’ve been approaching a deadline for a meeting where we are going to showcase some new software. I’ve heard programming compared to whack-a-mole. You knock out one bug just to have one or two more pop up somewhere else. And that’s exactly how its been!

One thing that annoys me about many web analytics packages is that when they report referring sites, they drop the GET request. So if you get a link from a forum you have dig through their search results to find out what people are saying about your site. Reuban Yau has found a little hack […]