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Archive: December 2006

I thought I would take some time to educate my fellow Americans about the naartjie. Why? Because I’m a nerd and a dork and that is what I do best. I served a mission in South Africa from 1996-1998. There they had these little oranges that were so much easier to peel – which made […]

There is a term out there known to webmasters as “hot linking”, “inline linking”, “leeching”, “direct linking”, etc. where site will directly link to images on your own sites. The problem with this is that the server in which the image resides may be giving up lots of bandwidth without having any real visitors. I’ve […]

Deceptive title I know, because from all I know it can’t really be done. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could delete a song directly from the iPod, so that when you’re out on the go, you can just drop a song you don’t particularly like without waiting until you get back to your […]

This site lets you find the single that was number one on the day your were born. On the day I was born it was “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” by Andy Gibb. Sadly, I’ve never head of it. Luckily though, someone has posted it on YouTube so I can re-live the tune […]

I stumbled across this website this morning. I thought it was pretty cool. Basically you just click in a little grid based on your mood, it then finds a song in that mood range and other songs nearby to choose from. Check it out at Musicovery.com – it’s pretty sweet!

One of the gifts I got for my last birthday was the Altec Lansing inMotion mobile speaker system for my iPod. I’m really impressed with the speaker quality. It’s small and portable, but it can really kick it out – even with just 4 AA batteries! My mom said she picked it out for me […]