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Archive: October 2006

It’s my wife’s birthday today. She got a call from the mortgage company we went through to buy our house. We haven’t heard from them since a month after we signed the papers and they sold our note. So the call really came as quite a surprise to my wife. It went something like this: […]

This is interesting. I keep getting emails from a group of people that have mistakenly entered my email address in their CC field. When I look at it though, it is not my address, it is missing the period in between my first and last name. When I was looking at this, I saw a […]

I have only used it briefly so far, but I had to come rave about the new Google Groups Beta! I wont say much, but I will point you to their new beta version and their blog announcment.

Wow, I’m impressed. On the same day that I set up this site, Google came to pay a visit. You can see from a screenshot of this whois record the date that I set up my nameservers. Speaking of which, DomainTools is pretty on the ball as well. Looking at Google, it seemed that on […]

OK, this is the second time I’ve changed the name of my blog, but this time I think it will stick. Why? Because I’ve found a new home! Rather than keeping it on a sub-domain, I’ve got my own domain for my highly refreshed blog. I really never thought it would come to this. Why […]

It’s funny, these Al Qaeda missionaries get the same response that I would often get as a Mormon missionary. Funny stuff. Hopefully the people there knew it was a joke. I would the the camerman following them around might have given it away 😉 (The embeded video can be seen at Google Video) [tags]Al Qaeda, […]

I’m always on the lookout for deals. I’ve got nearly fifty different domain names I’ve accumulated over the years. I remember how excited I was to find GoDaddy back in 2001 or so offering domain names for under $10. I’ve since switched a few times. Now my current registrar of choice is 1&1. My first […]

You can now go rant and rave about your favorite team and have a chance to win some tickets to their next game at GoTeamsGo Sports Forum. Here are the details of the contest: $300 Ticket Contest Pick the Score and Win Tickets We’re having a pick-the-score & pick-the-winner contest. Chat with sports fans and […]

I’ve come across a few installers that simply won’t install on my laptop (Dell Latitude D820). When I extract a zip file and double click on the executable (usually setup.exe) then I will get the following message: ————————— (PATH)\SETUP.EXE ————————— (PATH)\SETUP.EXE The specified path does not exist. Check the path, and then try again. ————————— […]