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Archive: July 2006

WinRAR has always been my favorit archiving (zip/rar) tool. This Sunday, July 30th, 2006, you can get a free licensed copy: ====================================================================== 1. WinRAR Voted Overall Best Utility for SIAF People’s Choice Award The people have spoken and voted WinRAR as Best Overall Utility. Each year the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation (SIAF) asks computer users […]

I got an email yesterday from someone at Google that found my resume online and was wondering if I was interested in a software engineering position to help with their QA team. Wowzers! I would so much love to work for Google, BUT, since I recently made a career change and since I doubt I […]

Deer at Sunset Originally uploaded by cboyack. I just have to take a moment to mock (in a friendly way 😉 Connor’s title for this photo. I believe this would more appropriately be titled “Elk at Sunset” 😀