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Archive: January 2006

Right now, ING Direct is have a “rate sale.” That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of the term, but in essence, what they are doing is offering a higher interest rate from now until April 15th on any money you deposit until that time. They normal rate is currently 3.8% which is well above […]

In the past I have used mod_rewrite to redirect .html file request to the equivalent .php file names. For example: RewriteRule (.+)\.html? $1.php The above code would redirect any page name page.htm or page.html to page.php. But what if you had .html or .htm file that you actually wanted to run through the php processor? […]

Is mice plural for the computer type of mouse? Where can I find a wide selection of Wireless Mice?

I found the following on SmartyFeatureSuggestions: Adding A While Loop I actually did this. It was suprisingly simple, and came in quite handy. I made three minor changes to Smarty_Compiler.Class.php. First I changed the number of arguments to function _compile_if_tag as follows: /** * Compile {if …} tag * * @param string $tag_args * @param […]