Dustin Davis
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Archive: December 2005

Here’s a problem I came to recently. I developing a site in PHP & using Smarty Templating. I wanted to display thumbnail images for property listings. If the listing didn’t have a thumbnail, I wanted to display a generic image of a house and message that the image was not available. Among other ideas, the […]

Nice, now I can use my Gmail account to read email on my pocket pc at nights without having to continually scroll left and right! Thanks again Gmail! Now you can access your Gmail account from your mobile phone or device. Just point your phone’s web browser to http://m.gmail.com. Your Gmail account stays synched, whether […]

Looking to earn some extra money? Are you wanting to develop your computer or writing skills, but lacking ideas? Then read on to find out exactly how to do both at the same time! Nerdlance.com is a new feature rich web site that allows entrepreneurs and businesses create projects that they need help with completing. […]