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Archive: November 2005

DVD Anthology is becoming pretty popular as it is nearing 900 members. When I was looking for a domain name for the site, I wanted DVDFriends.com, but it was not available at the time. I’ve sinced purchased it. I plan on basically creating a site like DVD Anthology, but with some new features and such. […]

“This is probably the biggest release ever for Office.” Office 12 has a completely new interface. I know what you’re thinking… “No! Leave it alone!” Well, you may actually like these new changes. We were all happy to see the death of Clippy – that annoying paper clip telling you what to do. Now we […]

Okay, whether you agree with this sort of stuff or not, you have to admint that this is funny! It’s nice programming anyway…

If you use Google Adsense, you may have noticed the new referrals tab at the top of the page. Now Google will pay you $100 for anyone who signs up for Adsense and earns $100. Google will also pay up to $1 for anyone you refer that downloads and uses Mozilla Firefox for the first […]

I do freelance work. Recently I was asked to install some php scripts for someone who had orderd GoDaddy Hosting. Ahhhh the frustrations were endless! Let’s forget the fact that they have their own crappy control panel and that it takes forever to log in and get to the control panel. Let’s forget the fact […]

Wow, I can’t believe I just heard “” for the first time today. There are 15,800 results for that search phrase on Google. Pick one of them – any one of them, and watch the video. It’s painful, but funny. Teasers: – “Regie Miller’s lookin’ good – he shoots the 3, and it good!” (You […]

I received an email from GoDaddy yesterday offering all domains for $6.95 per year. Unlike SOME registrars, this offer is NOT restricted to NEW customers. We know who got us here — it’s loyal Go Daddy® customers like you who helped make us the #1 registrar worldwide. You deserve the best deals we’ve got to […]