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Archive: August 2005

JCPenney Wow, ASP really sucks! This is like th first site that doesn’t work at all in Mozilla Firefox. You’d think a business such as JC Penny would work a little harder to maker sure their site works in something other than M$.

PHP Tricks & Tips: PHP Script to variable The following I found on a Usenet post on how to EASILY parse a PHP script’s output to a variable using output buffering: “Daniel Loose” kirjoitti viestissä:430cb793.9399…@news.cs.tu-berlin.de… > Hello, > I have this strange including problem: > I want to read a piece of HTML, residing in […]

I’ve been struggling getting this to work with CSS for my new site ZuSHOP.com. This little tutorial finally worked for me! http://bzabza.com/css/156/