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Archive: July 2005

I don’t know why, but I’m sort of sad about this one. You see, for 4 years I’ve had Dish Network service. In those four years I’ve been nothing but pleased with their products, service and pricing. I’ve even seen many people sign up with them based on my referrals. Well, in the past months […]

My wife and I enjoy going out to eat on occasion. We don’t get out as much as we used to now that we have two kids. Last Saturday we decided to try some advice from a friend and eat at the Red Iguana in Salt Lake City. I created a Google Map to help […]

My wife called me hysterical last week. Our two year old daughter had written all over every cushion of our brand new sofa. This sofa is a red microfiber sectional. It was this year’s tax return 101 costing around $2300. I asked he to calm down for her sake and I went straight to Google. […]

I’ve tried a number of tools such as Crazy Browser or Avant Browser, but I’ve wondering when Microsoft would create their own tabbed browsing tool for Internet Explorer. Well, I downloaded a desktop search tool that M$ has recently released and I was surprised to find that it also installed an MSN search bar which […]