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Archive: May 2005

OK, even though I’m a big fan, I still haven’t seen episode III yet. I just though it was curious how sales have spiked for the trilogy, Episode I, and Episode II, which have all hit the top ten in Amazon DVD sales this month!

Many of you may have heard of SMARTY. I’ve used it once. I just think it makes the hard things easy and the easy things hard. I suppose it is useful if you are in a multi-programmer environment, but I would rather just use run of the mill PHP rather than incorporating smarty templates.

HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 29 – Napoleon Dynamite, production Okay, now I’ve seen everything! This is for real – only in Idaho… and yes, Idaho really does exist. I’ve been there myself. I have proof.

Gmail Tools Wow, this is an interesting concept. I allows you to map a windows drive to Gmail. I suppose if I didn’t have my own reseller account with plenty of storage, this would be a nice online storage feature.

DVD Anthology : Dustin’s Movies These are all the DVDs I own. I still have some classics on VHS that aren’t listed, but here is the majority of my movies.

The Volokh Conspiracy – Minority Political Success Stories: I never knew there were so many Mormon political leaders. It seems to make sense to me that there would be though.