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Archive: March 2005

I got this letter from GoDaddy.com Today… Who cares? Do you think Bob is democrat? In my opinion, if he cared so much about privacy, why not make it free. Obviously, this is cutting in to his bottom line. Dear Valued Go Daddy Customer, Today I have the unfortunate responsibility of informing you that there […]

Google Maps – 575 N 700 E 84066 Leave it to Google to exceed expectations and industry standards. This is a map of the home I grew up in. Pretty good map of a town with only 3 traffic lights, er, 4 now! 🙂

LDSPDA.com: LDS Palm & Pocket PC Software, Links, Downloads, & Forum Community Forums: View topic > Dell Axim X3i I had a Compaq iPaq 3950 that took one too many shots to the head (my wife dropped it in on the cement). It had a gaping hole in the top and was missing the power […]

I just purchased a Dell Axim X3i on Ebay. I decided to find out some more info after the fact. I came across this review on brighthand. The reviewer appears to be LDS 🙂 How do I know? Check out the Switcher Bar screenshot!

DVD Anthology : Sneakers (Collector’s Edition) Sneakers (Collector’s Edition) Release Year: 1992 Rating: Running Time: 125 Minutes Region Code: 1 Studio: Universal Studios Items: 1 Genre: Action & Adventure Comedy I found this on top of the 2 for $11 pile yesterday at Wal-Mart. What a steal!!!

DVD Anthology This site was created to help you keep track of your movies. You can easily create a database of the movies you own. You can then use your personal database to:

I remember sitting at my computer years ago. I was living in an apartment with a room mate. I had just purchased my first computer. For some reason I felt that if I got a computer before I got a car, I could make lots of money with my computer and then buy a nice […]