PHP Tricks & Tips: PHP Script to variable

The following I found on a Usenet post on how to EASILY parse a PHP script’s output to a variable using output buffering:

“Daniel Loose” kirjoitti
> Hello,
> I have this strange including problem:
> I want to read a piece of HTML, residing in some file, into a
> variable, not echo it out. So far so easy – but now the HTML contains
> a line of PHP. And I wish not to get the PHP code into my variable but
> the parsed result, just like if the variable was a client ;-). I wish
> to keep the nice ?> …< ? HTML area (with highlighting in my editor), > and therefore include etc. don’t help because they would echo it out.
> heredoc also doesnt help (if this may come up to your mind).
> Is there anything I can do…?!! The problem sounds so simple… the
> more for such a great tool like PHP … but… ?!!

Sounds like you could use buffering.
< ?php ob_start(); // Start output buffering. // Instead of outputting anything, the output is now stored in a buffer. include('yourfile.php'); // There, now the file has been included and php parsed. // It isn't output, it goes into the buffer. $yourfile = ob_get_clean(); // Now we read everything that has been buffered... And stops buffering. ?>
Result: the file you included has been parsed by the php engine and stored
inside $yourfil, and nothing was output. Sounds like goal achieved.

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