I just need to give some props to Liquidweb. I have a cPanel VPS account there. I have been impressed with their “Heroic Support”. Recently though, they went above and beyond.

I’ve been having PHP mid career crisis of sorts and been looking at other languages and frameworks. Django and Python have caught my eye. I started developing an application, but I wanted to first see if I could deploy it to my server before I got too far into it.

I strugged for 3 or 4 days trying. I spent a lot on time on IRC and they guys there were quite helpful, but they couldn’t figure out why my deployment was not working either. Finally, after hitting a brick wall, I submitted a support ticket. Because it was 3 party software I wasn’t expecting much.

I was blown away by the level of service I got. The first person had never heard of Django, but she read the documentation on how to install it and pointed me to the right files to edit. Later she passed me on to someone else who was more familiar with Django. In all I got responses from 4 different people who worked on this issue. They got it up and running and explained what they did. Kudos to Liquidweb.