I’m always on the lookout for deals. I’ve got nearly fifty different domain names I’ve accumulated over the years. I remember how excited I was to find GoDaddy back in 2001 or so offering domain names for under $10. I’ve since switched a few times. Now my current registrar of choice is 1&1. My first experience with them was not so great. I was used to GoDaddy where updates happen fast. Due to this and their system I really screwed up a DNS entry on a domain and it took a week to sort out so I could use it. After abondoning them for a couple years I’ve gone back and found that they’ve fixed the problem. To me the savings are well worth it, especially with the number of domains I have. Plus, they offer fee privabe registration with most registrars charge extra for. Well done 1&1!

$5.99 Domain Names at 1&1 includes Free Private Registration, 1GB Email, Website Builder. No hidden fees. Free domains with hosting!

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